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Our Mission:

Thriving creators.

We provide creators with the strategy and presence they need in order to create an engaging and authentic community. Revived Socials is at the forefront of transforming creative intent into a captivating content ecosystem that a unique audience is driven to connect with on a meaningful level- making your brand a centerpiece in the lives of your clients and fellow creatives.


Our Goal

Our purpose is to put the social focus back in social media. Revolutionary, maybe not. Under-rated, definitely! We help creators speak WITH their audience instead of at them, bringing everyone in for a closer look and a genuine connection that leads to ongoing relationships, sales, and brand rapport.

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Our Programs

Here at Revived Socials, we like to keep things simple! We break down costs in two ways: by platform and by frequency! While we’re happy to create custom plans for some customers, our goal is to work with clients who are early on in their journey- which means they don’t typically need the options and force of a massive social media agency- instead, they need hands-on, detailed, genuine interaction to gain trust and momentum on each of their favorite platforms. Find out what we recommend, or reach out to talk with an expert about the best plan for your business!


Authentic Connection

Social media marketing isn’t like the traditional blabbering of radio and television. The key to successful social media marketing is CONNECTION. It’s vulnerability, finding the human points you have in common with your audience. Maybe it’s a dream, maybe it’s a struggle. Maybe it’s a passion. Our job is to make sure your audience KNOWS where you fit into their lives.

built-in time-savers

Working with Revived Socials is easy! We provide a streamlined on-boarding process and recommended recurring appointments- monthly appointments are free, but how much you want to meet is up to you! Either way, you’ll receive detailed reports of activity on your accounts each month and you can rest assured your audience is feeling nurtured!

no-nonsense Strategy

At Revived Socials, we don’t just sit behind a scheduler all day! We take the time to get down in the social media trenches and actually connect with your audience! We use the words and tone from your content to interact with relevant accounts and we do the research that makes sure your ideal audience is seeing you.

A personal touch

Okay- yes, we do use schedulers. We’re not crazy! We just don’t live behind the scheduling machine- and we never put our convenience before your reach and engagement! Our team’s job is to get out there and engage, around the time your post rolls out for maximum engagement! This personal touch makes a powerful difference, especially as you grow to your first 1,000 followers!

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June 2019

I highly recommend Jess’s social media services if you are looking to get in front of your dream audience. She knows her stuff and is always so accommodating whenever you have questions or concerns along the way.

Quinn Downie | Read Full Testimonial



Our Impact

We’re just getting started, but we do our best to support causes near and dear to our hearts! Revived Socials aims to begin donating 5-10% of profits by the end of 2020 (keep in mind we’re still a small business! This percentage will grow as we grow and generate the power to give back more!). In the meantime, we do our part by supporting heart-centered creators and small business owners, movements, communities, and growing leaders through our social media accounts. It costs nothing to share the love and help a voice that needs to be heard rise above the buzz- and that is exactly what we do here!


As part of our commitment to supporting creative heart-centered entrepreneurs, each month we achieve:


new training, workshops, or courses covered

Each month we dedicate time to learning from at least 3 experts in various areas of digital marketing and online business! We believe in supporting the creative economy and learning from those who have accomplished what we (and/or our clients) hope to do!



Delighted clients on any given day

We’re growing every day and as our client lists increase, our team does too! Stay tuned to find out which creators are joining the team and why we’ve decided to work with them. Check out our archives to get to know our clients and see what you have in common!



services offered to creators just like you each month!

Each month Revived Socials adjusts according to what’s working well, and what’s not! (The key to successful entrepreneurship is adaptability, not perfection!)

Sometimes that means adding a new service, adjusting a price, or taking out an old service to make room for something even better. Our goal is to provide the most bang per our clients’ bucks!


Get Involved

We could always use a little help spreading the word about Revived Socials and the perspective we share- which is that business is about community, not competition! We love to support creative businesses, artists, and everyday heroes! The best way you can help is by engaging in the discussion, helping us help you by providing feedback and asking questions, and sharing our content! We strive to provide an abundance of resources for creators so that supporting us is always an easy decision!


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